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Can I work and be a foster carer?

Working and being a foster carer

When people think about becoming a foster carer, a common question is – can I work and be a foster carer. While its preferable that somebody is available at home in case of appointments, meetings or to care for a child who may be out of school, we understand this isn’t always possible. So depending on the individual circumstances of the carer and the type of foster care they provide as well as the individual needs of the child, it may be possible for you to work and foster.

When you become a foster carer, your main priority and responsibility is to the child in your care. Ensuring that they have the physical and emotional support they need.

However, it is important to note that as a foster carer, you will have various placements and may encounter periods of time where you do not have a foster placement. During this time, there will be no fostering allowance payments which  is why we always advise those considering fostering to get in touch, so we can have a quick chat about your personal circumstances and whether fostering is right for you!

Can I work and be a foster carer?

Some foster carers work and foster. Having a flexible work schedule is a necessary requirement, and a busy career may mean some additional thought. Such as support from family and friends.

Some foster parents who work full time decide to offer short breaks to children on weekends or holidays, others offer long-term placements heavily supported by family members.

Some children have been in care since birth and in their experience they may have been moved from place to place. Others may have endured living conditions that hindered their development and harmed their health. It is essential that they are placed in a caring, safe and stable home.

Fostering is a commitment and comes first, so it needs a team approach. Beyond family, we will help to provide a support unit of social workers, therapists and teachers so advice and guidance is available at every step of the journey.

Can single parents work and foster?

This is often dependent on various factors, such as the nature of the work, and the demands that are expected with the fostering role. It’s possible to foster and work as a single parent but the child’s needs and requirements must always come first.

Why not get in touch with your local Foster Wales team today? They will help you work out if now is the right time for you to foster?

Can couples foster?

As a couple, you would have more flexibility as a foster carer. For example, one could always be available for the child’s needs while the other is at work outside the home. Fostering as a couple makes working more realistic. However, it’s also worth noting that fostering itself acts as a full-time role. So it may be worth evaluating both of your commitments to fostering and assessing how best to approach working.

That’s why fostering as a couple may work well, with one parent fostering and one parent working full time. This could allow you more flexibility around the prospect of working while fostering.

Choosing Foster Wales Monmouthshire is a decision to work with real people who care in your community. To join a team, to learn, and to make a difference in the lives of Welsh children. 

Contact us here at Foster Wales Monmouthshire and take the first step today.

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