how it works

how it works

how it works

Fostering in Monmouthshire is a connected experience. With a dedicated network providing expertise, professional support and guidance whenever you need it, there is also a strong sense of connection between our teams and foster carers.

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better together

Foster Wales Monmouthshire is the Local Authority’s fostering service. We know we get better results when we work together as a local community.

That is why we endeavour to provide support in every way we can. To our carers and foster families. To the children in our care. And, to our skilled professionals who help make fostering in Monmouthshire the best experience it can possibly be.

As part of the wider Foster Wales team, we collaborate and share knowledge with the other twenty-one dedicated not-for-profit Local Authority foster organisations in Wales to make sure we’re the best we can possibly be at what we do.

what makes us different

We’re not your standard fostering agency. We’re a nationwide collective of the 22 Local Authority fostering teams in Wales, working together to help children in foster care stay in their local area they know and love as long as it is right for them.

We help children in care maintain their identity and sense of self by supporting friendships, schools, clubs and communities with our support services at a localised community level.

Understanding, caring and doing what is best for each individual child is at the core of everything we do.

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