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Foster Wales Monmouthshire is not-for-profit. We are about people. Our purpose is to support and empower foster carers and build the brightest possible futures for local children.

We’re part of the wider Foster Wales team – a national collective of all the Local Authority fostering agencies in Wales. This means that if you’re fostering with your Local Authority, you’re already part of the Foster Wales team.

If you are an existing foster carer and you not foster as part of your Local Authority yet, you can transfer to Foster Wales.

benefits of fostering with local authority

We always put people before profit, and we prioritise keeping children in the local communities they know and love. We’re based in the community, so have a detailed understanding of the challenges that may arise, and the local support services on hand.

Fostering with your Local Authority is flexible. You can choose the types of fostering you do and the age of the children you prefer to look after, from babies to teens.

By joining Foster Wales Monmouthshire you become a part of one team. We’re responsible for every child and young person in need of foster care, so our children’s needs are our main priorities.

what we offer at foster wales monmouthshire

  • A Max card, providing free and discounted admission to a range of UK attractions.
  • Access to our in-house therapeutic service, BASE (Building Attachments Security and Emotional well-being) which works in partnership with Social Services supporting young people who are looked after by foster carers.
  • Inclusion in FC4FC – a support group run by our foster carers, for our foster carers.
  • Varied development opportunities including e-learning, podcasts, reading materials and workshops.
  • Guidance, support and training from My Support Team (MyST).

Read more about support and rewards here.

"With IFA I had almost too many visits weekly; it was just continuous. With Foster Wales, the support is brilliant, but I don’t feel bothered all the time. It also creates better environment for the children, like a normal family, and it’s more personal."

-Kay, a local authority foster carer

Read the full story here.

how to transfer to us

The process to move from your current fostering agency to the local Authority is straightforward.

In our first chat we will talk openly about how the process is going to work for you. As you are already in the fostering world, the process is going to be specific to your circumstances.
We want to know how we will best support you going forward, identify any needs and make sure we know you inside out for future matching, so at each step, the experience will be unique to you.

To find out more, download our transfer guide available below.

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Click on the button below to receive ‘Transfer to Us’ guide which includes more information on benefits of transferring to us, how the process works and why you should transfer to Foster Wales Monmouthshire.

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